Did your client refer you? Use this LEAD MAGNET.

Quick backstory on this for you (it’s worth the read)…
Brian (our founder) needed to move his insurance/umbrella insurance recently. 

At coffee one morning with a buddy (retired Montreal Expo, remember them?:) back in November he was discussing this. 

His buddy said I’ve got the goto insurance broker who can take care of all of it.

“Great,” Brian said

This particular referral happened to have major overlap with Brian (same age, they know dozens of the same people, live in the same neighborhood, etc.).

On paper, it was the perfect referral situation. Literally could not have been set up any better.

What has happened since that November intro? Nada. Goose egg. Zilch. 0! 

BTW, Brian’s a retired financial advisor (PaineWebber/UBS, OPCO) who had all of his insurance licenses, etc. It’s something he knows pretty well.
Plus, he wants to move brokers.

Still, crickets since November.
Why? There was not a tipping point for Brian to want to get together and make the move.

He (Brian) is someone who is deeply connected and who is a tremendous COI for this insurance broker.

How could this have been fixed? If this insurance broker had a LEAD MAGNET to share in his email to Brian, there is a 100% chance that they would have met that week, possibly that day and that Brian and his family would currently be a great client for this broker. 

One way to make that CONNECTION…In the P.S. of the email he sent Brian that day, he could have had a simple link to a report titled: 

  • “5 Pitfalls to avoid when switching insurance brokers OR 
  • “4 Reasons To Move Insurance Carriers And 1 Reason To Always Stay Put.”
Sample Lead Magnet from us
LEAD MAGNET book covers can be quite compelling and hard to resist.

These LEAD MAGNET titles are off the cuff but you get the gist. 

They provide a simple bridge for a CONNECTION to occur.

Kind of like a guy does not walk into a bar, talk to the first girl that he bumps into & propose marriage. 

First, there must be a CONNECTION. This is true 100% of the time.
The LEAD MAGNET, in your business, is that perfect connector. 
Back to Ken Fisher, again…Ken Fisher figured this out decades ago. 
Yet, most advisors do not have a REFERRAL FUNNEL LEAD MAGNET in place.

It is as easy as having a built in LEAD MAGNET that is part of your business practice in every which way.

You include it in emails, signatures, snail mail, phone calls, meetings, ANY interaction.

That simple LEAD MAGNET in place is having bait in the water 100% of the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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