[Grand Opening] New Agency launch from Pro Athlete Direct™

So you can open up a massive referral access, we’re giving you a sneak peak at our BRAND NEW Agency…
The “Same Day Referral Agency”

same day referrals agency by pro athlete direct.png

Why are we launching this niche referral arm?Working with our members (since 2010) to develop sports agent COIs to land new clients/raise bigtime AUM…

We uncovered a SECRET that dramatically accelerates the referral process.
Recently we realized that this SECRET works even better with a completely different COI (thanks to one of our Barron’s Top 100 members:).

BTW…It’s a COI that already trusts you and loves you, Robin.
This COI is so blipping influential (& built in), it is now the PRIMARY COI our members target (sports agents are secondary now).

Because the strength/influence of this COI is so strong, you can literally land SAME DAY referrals, following 3 steps (we’re sharing them today).
Hence the name: Same Day Referrals:)

So you DO NOT miss this, do this…To see what all the hype is about, sign in here with your email/name and let Brian tell you exactly what the SECRET is in the next 7 minutes (video).