My #1 referral secret for financial advisors open to referrals coming 24/7 (duh, right?)

Here it is…

Don’t “ask” for a referral.

There you go, my #1 tip.

Your welcome.

Now get ready for your phone to start ringing off the hook! Haha.

Ok, so you’re now saying…”Say what? Don’t ask for the referral? That makes no sense. How am I going to get a referral NOT asking?”

I got it.

You’re right.

This SYSTEM (3-steps) I’m going to share is going to be all about a NEW way to POSITION yourself that makes this the #1 way to get consistent referrals (without ever asking for a referral).

A little backstory on this…

Back in 1996, when I was in the PaineWebber (UBS now) training program (which was top notch BTW), I remember them preaching…

You got to ask for a referral, in every which way.

Someones a client. Ask for the referral. Someone who was referred…Ask for the referral. Bump into someone at the grocery store, ask for the referral.

painewebber training program.jpg

Made sense, if you didn’t ask you’ll never know, right?

As I developed quickly into a successful FA (helped by our #1 research dept and the bull market heating up) I stuck to the script.

I’d ask when it fit the situation. Hey, you have any referrals?

Sometimes it worked. In hindsight, I now know, there is such a better way.
The problem…It’s so vanilla, so generic, so ineffective (mostly).

Now keep in mind, it is having bait in the water (I’m all for that), so there are worse things you can do…

But there’s a better way.

A much better, more effective approach that is LIVE & working for you 24/7.
So let me ask you…

You are an AUTHORITY on money, right?

You’re an EXPERT at managing money for your clients.

You are a SPECIALIST & TRUSTED ADVISOR to your clients, right?

You ever notice how referrals tend to flock to PHYSICIANS.

You ever see a Dr. ask for a referral? 

In my 48 years, I never have. 

But referrals flock to them like white on rice, right?

People say…

“You gotta go see my guy!” “My Dr., she’s the best, make an appt.”

Why is that? 

Because, out of the gate, due to their title, they are viewed as AUTHORITIES, EXPERTS, SPECIALISTS & TRUSTED ADVISORS.

What about Financial Advisors?

Often this is not the case, right? 

They, on average, are viewed as SALESMEN.

So when you ask for the referral, it falls under that SALESMAN umbrella. 
This oftentimes is a big turn off AND limits the opportunities to connect with new referrals (referrals who actually need your help).

With the above the GIVEN, how do you position yourself in a way that you’re viewed as an AUTHORITY, EXPERT, etc.?

I’m going to show you a simple formula (3 simple steps) that allow you to plug in a system that is working for you 24/7.

What kind of work will these 3 steps do for you? People will come to you asking for your help. We call it PULL MARKETING (you’re a referral magnet vs. a pursuer).

Running this business since 2010, I’ve realized…Every FA should have this 3 step system in place. 

Guess what? Few do (and many of the ones who do are not doing it right).
Ken Fisher does (and has for decades). It’s worked for him, turning Ken into a billionaire.

BTW, for the most part, he’s an avg. FA.

He just has an extraordinary marketing system in place that most FAs do not put in place.

How about you? Want to beat Ken Fisher at his own game to open up a new access to referrals that are 1 degree of separation away from, right now?

On top of that, due to the COVID craziness, there is URGENCY for you to connect with these people.

Next step for you…In the next 7 minutes I will share the 3 simple steps with you here (video).

You are going to be able to put this system in place as soon as today at $0 cost to trigger referrals as soon as TODAY.

For you…$0 cost, nada to lose. 

The upside? It’s significant, emphasis on significant. Let me show you why. 
Sound good? 

Go watch this 7 minute tutorial here.

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